Here are  a couple blog posts along with a video clip by Buck himself.  This was all posted on the Spectacular Adventures website. Enjoy!


After the unsound pro in new york, the surf forecast for back home in New Jersey wasnt exactly enough to inspire an erection. I didn’t know where i wanted to go, but i knew i didn’t want to be home. After a few failed attempts at going somewhere cool, I ended up booking a one way ticket to cali. In the past, spending time out here has been pretty dull for me. But, due to the fact that a few of my best friends now go to school out here, this time was different. After spending a weekend in Santa Barbara, and then a week and a half in oceanside, I’m leaving here feeling fulfilled, knowing i had a blast. Some of the highlights of my adventure include : arm wrestling at least 3 strippers (beat all 3), almost getting punched in the face by a girl, having a drunk surf-off, getting a lap dance from a very intimidating girl named hershey(she even had a tramp stamp that said hershey), eating a lot of mexican food, witnessing michael dunphy make out with a guy, attempting to steal a large umbrella, and even surfing! OK, maybe i didn’t see dunphy make out with a guy, but I wouldn’t put it past him. Here is a little clip of things that happened to occur when there was a camera with the record button pushed pointed at me. My friend RicheyRobbie Grieb made it. I’m going back home for the grudge match now, so stay tuned for a spectacular grudge review!

Until then, Stay far from classy,



I’ve always been lead to believe that you only turn 20 once. This past Sunday, October 18, I found this out for myself. Due to the fact that my birthday fell on a Sunday, and the grudge match was on Monday, we decided to celebrate it on Saturday night. Seeing as I’m still a year from (legally) being allowed in a bar in the USA, we went with a good old fashioned house party. It was a pretty standard party until approximately 11:55, when we realized that it was about be my birthday. All hell broke loose, and I ended up chugging a bunch of captain, then provoking innocent bystanders to do the same. It wasn’t long before I was soaked in beer, and pretty much blacked out. For this special evening, I decided to bring out my camera. I have a pretty shitty digital camera that I never really use, and have not once brought out with me before. That night, I found out why. The next morning, my camera was gone. Thing sucked anyway, I really hope the camera bandit gets more use out of it then i did. Just when I had lost all hope for pictures of this event, a notification on facebook alerted me that i had been tagged in a photo. Only 4 photos from the night surfaced, but they are more then enough. As for the grudge, I went into the event really wanting to do well, and really caring about the contest, which is most likely why I lost first round. Maybe next year I’ll show up drunk, and actually remember how to surf in my heat. Some guy Sam Hammer won. I’ve never heard of him, but his name sounds like a porn star name. Going back to cali tomorrow, then possibly to baja or to an LA riots concert. I’ll be sure to update if something spectacular happens.

Enjoy the pictures!

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