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ERGO rolled into the new FREERIDE SKATESHOP location in Gainesville, Fl this past Saturday for a day at the new public park and a live mural painting by Kris Markovich outside of the shop.

We had a huge turnout and everyone was frothing!!  ERGO team riders Kris Markovich and Joey Pellegrino were on hand representing SIEGE AUDIO and GIVEN SKATEBOARDS as well…  ERGO Muckrunners George Evans, Josue Sanchez, and Sam Bianchini also came out to shred.

There was a best trick contest on a handful of different obstacles at the park that got all the age groups fired up…  Speaking of fired up, check out the video links below Kris and Joey taught  the whole park a few new lines at their new park.  Shout out to the local filmer Ivan Trejo, who posted up all day long to get the time lapse video of Kris painting and the added footage and edit from the afternoon at the park.  Great job Ivan!  Keep an eye out for the UPS guy, he’s got a KM ERGO kit coming your way for the work!

Thanks again to the crew at Freeride… Tom, Peter and Raina took care of us with Pizza in the afternoon and Peter ran the contest without any hitches!!!  If your in the Gainesville area, stop by Freeride and tell them we sent you.

- Dingus out!



I lost my skate contest virginity last weekend. It was a nice cherry popping- maybe not one of those ones that makes you become high school sweethearts and get married shortly after prom, but a great time none the less. The ERGO contingent consisted of David “Wristguards” Loy, Norman “It was cool in LA three years ago” Woods, Shawn “I got maced by a dickhead bouncer” Hale, and Wes “flow kid whose last name is unkown to Buck” Somethingorother. And, then Andrew Cannon showed up dressed like a penguin. Here is what these kick flippers accomplished, through my very (un)educated set of eyes.

Norman Woods got tricky out there and put together a good run. He didn’t end up making the semis, but he was apparently the announcer’s “favorite black skater” or something. But the contest didn’t matter much to Norman, as he had his sight set on something far beyond the realm of a dam am- Kris Markovich vs Norman Woods, 2 beers, 2 ambitions, 1 winner. Furious chugging, every drop of beer sent down the gullet until one beer is empty and the other is filled with a jagged pilsner of broken dreams… Keep checking the site for more info on the most significant insignificant challenge ever.

I may not know much about skating, but I think David Loy is pretty good. David Loy may not know much about being weird, but he probably thinks I’m pretty weird. When I first met David, I was masking my beer with a napkin on which I had wrote “David Loy #1 Tony Hawk #2″. I also grabbed David’s ass once. David ended up winning the best trick with a smith stall on something high. I ended up getting drunk and avoiding the ocean in general. Welcome to the winner’s circle, David.

A kid named Wes skated well and I didn’t grab his ass.

Shawn Hale is a gentle man. He has a warm presence, like a beautiful southern bell, except I’m not attracted to him and he probably can’t cook apple pie. And even if he could, I still wouldn’t be attracted to him. Shawn got maced the other night, and that is fully irrelevant to his performance at the dam am. He pushed his way into the semis and a placing in best trick. Shawn looks like he is contemplating existence in most of the lifestyle photos I see of him.

Andrew Cannon showed up dressed like a penguin, interviewed people for Fuel TV, hugged Kyle, and was sweaty.

And that’s about it. See you next time, Damn Ams.

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Here is a Chad Bartie photo from the new issue of The Skateboard Mag.  Enjoy!

Go grab the latest copy of THE SKATEBOARD MAG and check out David Loy’s new jack.  He also has a Coastal Carnage sequence and Birdhouse ad.  Yeah Loy! Enjoy!

Congrats to Shawn Hale who is now officially Am for Vox.

Also, here is a clip of Shawn on WILLYSANTOS.COM


Here is a video up on the Alli site with Andrew Cannon talking about his set up.


Also, here is the latest Dakine ad featuring Andrew Cannon.  Enjoy!

We get a ton of requests for stickers through email, facespace, skype, twitter, morse code and every other hot social network out there. We eventually get back to all of them with a choke load of stickers, sometimes a shirt and maybe a hat. Most of the time, we never hear from those people again, but then you run into guys like Aaron Wawra who was fully stoked and posted his thanks on our facebook page. Thanks Aaron for not be a jaded grom and appreciating the stuff that we sent you. Its guys like you that make the world a better place! Now everyone go add him on facebook and tell him that he is the man!

Here is a sequence that was up on Surfline of ERGO’s Corban Campbell. Corban is more than just a team guy for ERGO these days. If you see him hustling in the ERGO van down in SD, chase him down and say whats up! Sick one Corban!