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David Loy is on the ESPN site with an Amateur Hour interview.
click on the photo to read all about what he’s been up.

I am sure by now you have seen numerous surf photos that are posted on our FB page like the ones below.

I am also sure you recognized the style of photography, and the name Foster that often finds itself  up on Surfline’s F-stop Feature and other fine surf media outlets …like Ghetto Juice.  Another thing that I am sure about…  If you surfed at all in the 90′s, you listened to his band .  The last thing I am sure about… If you watched MTV at all when they actually played music, you saw him in this Video.

Basically, Foster is the f#cking man,  and we are proud to have him part of the ERGO family.  Here is a 3 part series that 1Hour in HB put together on the legend himself.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  When your done watching check out Joe’s online magazine, Aladdin Surf Mag, that he puts together for the pure passion of doing so.


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Featuring Dan Drehobl, Andrew Cannon, Shawn Hale, David Loy, Norman Woods, Marisa Del Santo, D’ontae Smith and Errol Langdon.

Music by: Box Elders
Song: Atlantis

ERGO welcomes Chris Kelly and 7th Street Surf Shop!  Chris made some power moves and found himself on the squad.  Go grab some  fresh ERGO gear just in time for Christmas at 7th street.  Tell them we sent you!

For more on Chris Kelly, Check out HIS BLOG HERE.

To grab this t-shirt that Chris is looking fly in CLICK HERE

Josie got some recent photos in the new Mundo Rad some pretty sick tube shots!



Go get a copy of The Skateboard Mag and check out the new ERGO ad with Andrew Cannon.


The new issue of The Skateboard Mag just came out and some ERGO team guys got some coverage! Check out Shawn Hales Dakine ad, and Preston Harpers nollie backside heelflip on page 84.

Here are some photos from the innersection premiere in Maui at the maui film festival.  Taylor Steele was on hand and the crowd was nuts.  Enjoy!


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Albee  and the Maui crew scored some super sick paddle in Jaws clips last week. Surfing Magazine just posted the edit some nuts footage.


If you are in the Atlanta area go check out Frick Squad. Premiering at the Spring 4th Complex theater in Atlanta, 728 Spring street northwest. Ergo flow riders Joey Pelegrino and Solomon Mosely aka Junior both have parts in the video. Copies are for sale for $5 after the premier.