Headed out to Sin City for a few days of Slate, the streetwear division of the Magic trade show.

Don't you hate it when the ledges are over waxed? How about landing on a banana?

Chris Mathis, Andrew Cannon and Preston Harper go straight to the Ranch Ditch

Harper gets up on a feeble grinder.

Artsy photo of a back noseblunt


After the ranch ditch we headed over to the Slate trade show at Mandalay Bay.

Every year is full of wild Tshirt designs and this year was no different.

crazy costumes everywhere

When you see Stevie Williams you gotta get your picture with him

Holy S#it it's The Situation!

and Tito Ortiz

After saying hi to Tito it was time for Cannon and Harper to hit up the Skate Course.

Shawn Hale, feeble grind

Preston Harper, Back smtih

David Loy, Huge Ollie.

After the Mini Ramp Jam there was a Long Ollie Challenge where ERGO’s David Loy came in 4th place at 14 feet 6 inches

Jordan Hoffart and Luis Tolentino tied for first with a 15 feet 6 inches.  peep the video below.




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