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Surf Expo is like a spiked hair style- really gay (meaning happy- let’s face it… You gotta be pretty damn happy to willingly make it look like you are wearing a porcupine on the top of your head). That happy-fest that is expo means three days of business meets party, party meets business, and waking up to drink a coffee, trying desperately to convince yourself you’re not hungover the next morning- a cycle of gayness. Beckoned by business, the perennially happy ERGO sales team came out to expo for the fun and games (and sales). Accompanying the sales team was a sturdy mix of happy folks from various other branches of the ERGO tree. I don’t want to get too into detail now, so I’ll let 6000 words worth of pictures do the E-talking:

Just two gay men in a van.

The media sometimes portrays Sunny Garcia as a serious, edgy tough-guy. Here, Sunny ditches his alleged role and goes gay for Tommy Ihnken and Mid-Atlantic sales rep Mike Beech.

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Surf photography is the kind of art that has the power to tickle a wide variety of people. When this tickling power is complimented by complimentary pretzels, popcorn, AND refreshments, beautiful things happen. ERGO made some beautify on Saturday night at the Transcend The Delusions Surf Photography Slide Show! It was a happy time.

FULL PHOTO GALLERY HERE (tag yourself to be entered to win ERGO product)

The doors opened at 7, and the line was thick and enthusiastic with fans of the arts. The slide show got cranking shortly thereafter and boy did it tickle the crowd. It featured some of the best surf photographers in the world, showcasing their unique styles of documenting the strange things that happen in the ocean. A highlight of was Brian Beilman’s exclusive Andy Irons tribute section. If there’s one thing in the world that can successfully incorporate Bruddah Iz singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow without seeming corny, it was this tribute. Although all of the photographers photos tickled, the AI tribute touched, and not even in the Penn State way. Another highlight was Mez’s song, LISTEN HERE.

The hero of the night was ERGO megafan turned intern Ryan Mack.  He’s only 16 and becoming one of the best photogs in the state.  His photos started off the slide show, and boy did they tickle!  He was so excited on the night of the slide show that he even offered to individually put mustard on everyone’s pretzels, although no one took him up on the offer.

Here is Ryan Mack’s part

Here are some  shots of Tommy Ihnken that got ran this month on surfline and the new ESM. Enjoy!

Here is a little edit from Carmen Vacari from this past Jersey swell. Starring ERGO’s Tommy Ihnken, Aaron Cormican and Clay Pollioni. Check it out!

Sunny Garcia has nothing on this haole's slash.

Here are a couple more photos of Katia from ESM.  CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL FEATURE

Here is Tommy Ihnken  with a lofty tail waft.

This is Slob. He has been with ERGO since day 1. He also successfully finished an internship with us. He is all grown up now and owns/operates TRON Surfboard Repair in NJ and does marketing for Vita Coco. Yeah Slob!

Despite what the police had to say, Tommy got a few photos online from the hurricane Irene that blasted through here last week. Enjoy!

Ryan Mack On it!

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Here are some of the extra clips from the Cali Rally that Carmen Vicari put together. Its mostly Tommy and Buck drinking lemonade out of glass bottles on one knee with a little surfing… and some other weird stuff. Enjoy!


The Extra Stuff – ERGO – Transworld Surf Cali Rally 2010 from ERGO on Vimeo.

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Buck scored the cover of Aladdin, the sessional only cover magazine that is put out by ERGO’s newly appointed lens guy, Joe Foster… Yeaahhhhh Joe.  Also, below are a few more photos that Joe has sent over of Ryan Croteau, Tommy Ihnken, Jamie Parkhurst and Chris Lomenzo.  Enjoy!

The somewhat small, (but soon to be bigger) ERGO surf team has scored a couple photos on the internet over the last week.  Enjoy!

Here is Tommy Ihnken on Surfline.  This was shot by ERGO’s own Ryan Mack, Aka Edmund, Aka ERGOmund.  If you want someone to like every single post that you put up on facebook, make sure you add him HERE.

Josie Graves on Surfline showing off the new team sticker.

Buck setting up for broken board #3 with a sweet EURO MULLET in PR.

This is the OG ERGO intern, Brian Robinson, AKA Slob, who actually just walked in the door for his first day of actually paid work.

Youthful ignorance can be a blissful bitch.  ESM just provided us with a visual reminder of that.  Sometimes, a young surfer may think nothing of “launching” an air and sloppily clutching both rails like a drunken topless chick hanging on for dear life on a mechanical bull.  Similarly, a young company may find inspiration in Buzz Lightyear, and decide to make wetsuits that look like this:

Ouch. A photo of a drunken topless chick on a mechanical bull would be way more pleasing to the eye… But hey- Cheers to maturity!

Oh… One more thing.

Dion Agius is on facebook. Tommy Ihnken is friends with him. Tommy occasionally (usually) forgets to log out of his facebook. I am an asshole.

Unfortunately, Dion never replied, so Tommy still sometimes wears tall white tees as if it is 2005 and Mom’s driving us all to see the 50 Cent in “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” in theaters, all the while bumping “Hustler’s Ambition.”

-Buck Out